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iheart intervention 007

Installed in February of 2011 at the Witzenhausen Gallery in Chelsea, iheart intervention 007 consists of Rothko’s  No. 10 repainted and stamped with poetic text.

The work began one day when someone at the gallery showed me an advertising pamphlet for the luxury lofts next store that used a photo of my iheart public 002 mural in the Meatpacking to show the art scene of Chelsea to potential buyers.

The text and presentation of the pamphlet so shocked and engrossed me that it served as the basis of the next intervention.

The bland tones of the pamphlet were computer color matched to create the paint for the color field painting.  And the poetic text is comprised entirely of quotes or re-arranged sets of words from the advertising copy within the pamphlet.

Myself and one the of the gallery directors arranged a meeting with the building developers, offering to sell or consign the artwork for display in their model apartment.  We did not hear back from them.

Artist Aldert Mantje had a text pointing to the fate of Rothko’s lofty mission with the color fields:

…in our age we can no longer believe in things the way Rothko could…it’s naive to think that the whole universe can still be captured in a red stripe and a black spot.

The painting text:

enter bohemia nouveau

where you don’t have to live like a starving artist
to feel like one

let the day wash away

have at it class craft
the new york life you should be living
swill champagne and shake your thang

a hint of action at the front door
knock knock chelsea
this is my art yard
where need and want make perfect sense

get busy

sink into the depths of a well adjusted transsexual
splatter andy with pollock





This intervention occurred in a show of works by Aldert Mantje.