Art Process Mirrors

Art Process Mirrors is a tracing from the ORE project, focused on Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock, during the years 1950-51 when their work and process were recorded being created on glass media.

At play is the fascination of the Abstract Expressionists with Picasso, their effort to break free from the European tradition, and Pollock’s use of figures underneath the drip paintings, often referential to Picasso.

The work is a live cinematic generation created in the studio, working with videos as paint in a palette.

Below is the latest evolution of the text matched to the tracing:

art process mirrors
technique as statement
when painting is lost
electric myths are born
flash figures
break the frame
in a stroke of light
a new body

This work is part of an installation and live cinematic performance shown as part of {cinema poesis} at the Emily Harvey Foundation, in NYC on April 30th, 2010.

The project was curated by L Brandon Krall and the work showed with the films of William Stone. Many thanks to both of them for their support in helping make this work possible.


The ORE project is a live cinematic performance piece that mines seminal video and sound works of the 20th century to generate new narratives for the 21st.