Bio / CV

Seth Indigo Carnes (b.1975, Napa, California) is a conceptual media artist whose work explores human experience immersed in technology.

Among his most iconic works is the Poetics series, in which Carnes invented a form of object-oriented poetry, starting with large-scale steel and magnetic text installations, culminating in a software app artwork used in over 150 countries. His practice spans media, led by concept and process, where the path is often the destination.

The events of 9/11 radically shifted Carnes’ career and path, motivating a transition from creating music videos and narrative productions to politically focused artwork and software. During this period, he created his well-known “iheart” series, street and public art, live cinematic performances, and installations under his “[sic]” alias.

Throughout his career, Carnes has enjoyed collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, working in the past with Shepard Fairey, The Roots, and Paul Miller (DJ Spooky). and David Ellis.

Inspired by symbolic meaning and the poetics of the everyday, Carnes continues to work at the forefront of art, technology and society.

He is currently based in New York City.