Bio / CV

Seth Indigo Carnes is a conceptual media artist whose work explores and pushes on perceived boundaries of contemporary culture: material/immaterial, private/public, self/group, human/machine.

Past exhibitions include P.S. 1 MOMA, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Garis & Hahn (NY), White Box (NY), Emily Harvey Foundation (NYC), Witzenhausen Gallery (NY), Lund 2014 (Sweden), and The Drop (NYC).

He has collaborated with Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), Shepard Fairey and The Roots, and shown or performed work at Ars Electronica, South by Southwest (SXSW), and Pirineos Sur.

Carnes holds a BA in History from Pomona College and an MS in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Tanden.

He is currently based in NYC.